What is the difference between Amenities and Utilities?

The difference between amenities and utilities

is that "amenities" is pleasantness and "utilities" is the state or condition of being useful; usefulness.




  • Pleasantness.
  • A thing or circumstance that is welcome and makes life a little easier or more pleasant.
  • Convenience.
  • (cartography) a unit pertaining to the infrastructure of a community, such as a public toilet, a postbox, a library etc.


  • We especially enjoyed the amenity of the climate on our last holiday.
  • The harbor of Port Royal, rendered gloomy by recollections of misery, was avoided ; and after searching the coast and discovering places, which were so full of amenity, that melancholy itself could not but change its humor, as it gazed, the followers of Calvin planted themselves on the banks of the river May.
  • All the little amenities the hotel provided made our stay very enjoyable.
  • The Castle is an antique extent of ground, which now they call Marsfield, and would have ben a fitting area to have plac’d the Ducal palace in. The suburbs are large, the prospects sweete, with other amenities, not omitting the flower gardens, in which all the inhabitants excel.
  • Synonyms: facility, infrastructure


  • The state or condition of being useful; usefulness.
  • Something that is useful.
  • (economics) The ability of a commodity to satisfy needs or wants; the satisfaction experienced by the consumer of that commodity.
  • (philosophy) Well-being, satisfaction, pleasure, or happiness.
  • (business, finance) A service provider, such as an electric company or water company; or, the securities of such a provider.
  • (computing) A software program designed to perform a single task or a small range of tasks, often to help manage and tune computer hardware, an operating system or application software.
  • (sports) The ability to play multiple positions.


  • disutility
  • inutility


  • “The profession has its utility, but I should be sorry to see any friend of mine belonging to it.”
  • I’ve bought a new disk utility that can recover deleted files.
  • The system includes an 8080 and a Z80 assembler, a Tektronix format downloader and other utilities.


  • Having to do with, or owned by, a service provider.
  • Designating of a room in a house or building where mechanical equipment is installed; such as a furnace, water tank/heater, circuit breaker, and/or air conditioning unit; and often equipped with hookups for laundry equipment (washer/dryer).


  • (state of being useful): usefulness, note
  • utility


  • utility line; utility bill
  • utility room