What is the difference between Belated and Arrears?

The difference between belated and arrears

is that "belated" is simple past tense and past participle of belate and "arrears" is towards the rear, backwards. [14th-16th c.].




  • simple past tense and past participle of belate


  • Later in relation to the proper time something should have happened.


  • tardy
  • late
  • overdue


  • Happy belated birthday!
  • England manager Roy Hodgson instantly restored Rooney after a two-match suspension in place of Andy Carroll with orders to make a belated mark on the campaign after sitting out the draw against France and victory against Sweden.


  • (obsolete) Towards the rear, backwards. [14th-16th c.]
  • (obsolete) Behind time; overdue. [15th-19th c.]


  • She, having well before approoved / The feends to be too cruell and severe, / Observ’d th’ appointed way, as her behooved, / Ne ever did her ey-sight turne arere […].
  • In case the annuity should be arrear for sixty days being lawfully demanded, then the trustee might enter upon the premises assigned […].


  • Work to be done, obligation.
  • Unpaid debt.
  • That which is in the rear or behind.


  • I have a large arrear of letters to write.
  • My own work, with its manifold arrears, took me all day to clear off.
  • After World War II it took time to clear up the arrears of track maintenance on both lines and it was not until 1953 that the L.M.R. restored any two-hour schedules, the W.R. following suit a year later.