What is the difference between Cooler and Sunglasses?

The difference between cooler and sunglasses

is that “cooler” is anything which cools and “sunglasses” is tinted glasses worn to protect the eyes from the sun.




  • (countable) Anything which cools.
  • (countable) An insulated bin or box used with ice or freezer packs to keep food or beverages cold while picnicking or camping.
  • A device for refrigerating dead bodies in a morgue.
  • (US, countable or uncountable) A mixed drink, especially one served chilled.
  • (poker, gambling, colloquial, countable) A cold deck.
  • (countable) A bouncer or doorman.


  • (insulated box)car fridgecool bag, cool box (UK)chilly bin (New Zealand)esky (Australia)ice chest
  • car fridge
  • cool bag, cool box (UK)
  • chilly bin (New Zealand)
  • esky (Australia)
  • ice chest


  • If acid Things were used only as Coolers, they would not be so proper in this Case.
  • They served wine coolers in the afternoon.
  • About a year or so back we had him in the cooler on a Mann Act rap.


  • comparative form of cool: more cool


  • He looks cooler when he’s dressed in shorts.


  • Tinted glasses worn to protect the eyes from the sun.
  • (colloquial) A person wearing sunglasses


  • cooling glasses (Indian)
  • smoked glasses, smoked spectacles (dated)


  • My seat’s been taken by some sunglasses asking ’bout a scar