What is the difference between Cringe and Creepy?

The difference between cringe and creepy

is that "cringe" is a posture or gesture of shrinking or recoiling and "creepy" is moving by creeping along.




  • A posture or gesture of shrinking or recoiling.
  • (dated) A servile obeisance.
  • (dialect) A crick.


  • He glanced with a cringe at the mess on his desk.
  • There was so much cringe in that episode!
  • That video was full of cringe.
  • That video was full of cringe.


  • (intransitive) To shrink, cower, tense or recoil, as in fear, disgust or embarrassment.
  • (dated, intransitive) To bow or crouch in servility.
  • (transitive, obsolete) To contract; to draw together; to cause to shrink or wrinkle; to distort.


  • He cringed as the bird collided with the window.
  • He looked like a man who had never cringed and never had had a creditor.
  • When they were come up to the place where the lions were, the boys that went before were glad to cringe behind, for they were afraid of the lions.
  • But he made no whimper. Nor did he wince or cringe to the blows. He bored straight in, striving, without avoiding a blow, to beat and meet the blow with his teeth.
  • Sly hypocrite, […] who more than thou / Once fawned and cringed, and servilely adored / Heaven’s awful monarch?
  • He heard the hateful clank of their chains; he felt them cringe and grovel, and there rose within him a protest and a prophecy.
  • Leclere was bent on the coming of the day when Batard should wilt in spirit and cringe and whimper at his feet.
  • Till like a boy you see him cringe his face, / And whine aloud for mercy.


  • Moving by creeping along.
  • (informal) Producing an uneasy fearful sensation, as of things crawling over one’s skin.
  • (informal) Feeling an uneasy fearful sensation; creeped out.
  • (informal) Strangely repulsive.


  • The Beaver brought paper, portfolio, pens, / And ink in unfailing supplies: / While strange creepy creatures came out of their dens, / And watched them with wondering eyes.
  • “I felt creepy and afraid," continued the other, with conviction. “I had the sensation of being seen by someone—as if someone, I mean, was watching me. […]
  • That creepy old man keeps leering at me!