What is the difference between Dystopia and Fantasy?

The difference between dystopia and fantasy

is that "dystopia" is a vision of a future that is a corrupted utopian society and "fantasy" is that which comes from one’s imagination.




  • A vision of a future that is a corrupted (usually beyond recognition) utopian society.
  • A miserable, dysfunctional state or society that has a very poor standard of living.
  • (pathology) Anatomical tissue that is not found in its usual place.


  • (vision): cacotopia, kakotopia, anti-utopia
  • (medical condition): ectopia, ectopy, heterotopia, malposition


  • utopia


  • But you get to the beach via monorail and you get to the sand and look out to the ocean and all you see is oil tankers and factories spewing smoke on the horizon. It was like some sort of futuristic dystopia.
  • The patient suffers from adrenal dystopia.


  • That which comes from one’s imagination.
  • (literature) The literary genre generally dealing with themes of magic and the supernatural, imaginary worlds and creatures, etc.
  • A fantastical design.

Related terms

  • fantasize


  • Is not this something more than fantasy?
  • A thousand fantasies / Begin to throng into my memory.
  • Embroidered with fantasies and flourishes of gold thread.


  • (literary, psychoanalysis) To fantasize (about).
  • (obsolete) To have a fancy for; to be pleased with; to like.
  • (transitive) To imagine; to conceive mentally.


  • Perhaps I would be able to help him recapture the well-being and emotional closeness he fantasied his brother had experienced with his parents prior to his birth.
  • Which he doth most fantasy.