What is the difference between Erroneous and Fallacious?

The difference between erroneous and fallacious

is that "erroneous" is containing an error; inaccurate and "fallacious" is characterized by fallacy; false or mistaken.




  • Containing an error; inaccurate.
  • Derived from an error.
  • Mistaken.
  • (obsolete) Wandering; erratic.
  • (law) Deviating from the requirements of the law, but without a lack of legal authority, thus not illegal.


  • errorful, errorous, errory
  • (containing an error): inaccurate, incorrect, wrong
  • (derived from an error): fallacious, false, faulty, flawed
  • (mistaken): mistaken, wrong
  • (legal: deviating from the requirements of the law):


  • errorless


  • His answer to the sum was erroneous.
  • His conclusion was erroneous, since it was based on a false assumption.
  • Her choice at the line-up proved to be erroneous, as she had only seen the mugger for an instant.
  • If, while having the power to act, one commits error in the exercise of that power, he acts erroneously.


  • Characterized by fallacy; false or mistaken.
  • Deceptive or misleading.

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