What is the difference between Existence and Existance?

The difference between existence and existance

is that “existence” is the state of being, existing, or occurring; beinghood and “existance” is misspelling of existence.




  • The state of being, existing, or occurring; beinghood.
  • Empirical reality; the substance of the physical universe. (Dictionary of Philosophy; 1968)


  • (state of being): existence


  • (state of being): nonexistence, nothingness; inexistence

Related terms

  • exist
  • aseity
  • existential


  • Synonym: presence
  • In order to destroy evil, we must first acknowledge its existence.
  • However, with the dainty volume my quondam friend sprang into fame. At the same time he cast off the chrysalis of a commonplace existence.
  • The physics of elementary particles in the 20th century was distinguished by the observation of particles whose existence had been predicted by theorists sometimes decades earlier.
  • The ancients said, “A ruler should exist for the existence of the people." The famous thinker, Mencius noted, “The people are the most valuable, then the country, and the ruler comes last."


  • Misspelling of existence.


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