What is the difference between Flavor and Essence?

The difference between flavor and essence

is that “flavor” is the quality produced by the sensation of taste or, especially, of taste and smell in combined effect and “essence” is the inherent nature of a thing or idea.




  • The quality produced by the sensation of taste or, especially, of taste and smell in combined effect.
  • A substance used to produce a taste. Flavoring.
  • A variety (of taste) attributed to an object.
  • The characteristic quality of something.
  • (informal) A kind or type.
  • (physics) One of the six types of quarks (top, bottom, strange, charmed, up, and down) or three types of leptons (electron, muon, and tauon).
  • (archaic) The quality produced by the sensation of smell; odour; fragrance.


  • The flavor of this apple pie is delicious.
  • Flavor was added to the pudding.
  • What flavor of bubble gum do you enjoy?
  • the flavor of an experience
  • Debian is one flavor of the Linux operating system.
  • the flavor of a rose
  • It was damp, it was not free from dry rot, there was a flavor of rats in it, and it was the gloomy victim of that indescribable decay which settles on all the work of man’s hands whenever it’s not turned to man’s account.


  • (American spelling, transitive) To add flavoring to something.


  • The inherent nature of a thing or idea.
  • (philosophy) The true nature of anything, not accidental or illusory.
  • Constituent substance.
  • A being; especially, a purely spiritual being.
  • A significant feature of something.
  • The concentrated form of a plant or drug obtained through a distillation process.
  • An extract or concentrate obtained from a plant or other matter used for flavouring.
  • Fragrance, a perfume.


  • (inherent nature): quintessence, whatness; essence
  • (significant feature): gist, crux; gist
  • (fragrance): aroma, bouquet; aroma

Related terms

  • essential
  • essentially
  • essentialism
  • quintessential


  • CHARITY is a virtue of the heart, and not of the hands, ſays an old writer. Gifts and alms are the expreſſions, not the eſſence of this virtue.
  • They [the laws] are at present, both in form and essence, the greatest curse that society labours under ; the scorn of the wicked, the consternation of the good, the refuge of those who violate, and the ruin of those who appeal to them.
  • The essence of Addison’s humour is irony.
  • And put to proof his high Supremacy, / Whether upheld by ſtrength, or Chance, or Fate, / Too well I ſee and rue the dire event, / That with ſad overthrow and foul defeat / Hath loſt us Heav’n, and all this mighty Hoſt / In horrible deſtruction laid thus low, / As far as Gods and Heav’nly Eſſences / Can Periſh.
  • He [Gottfried Wolfgang] had been indulging in fanciful speculations on spiritual essences, until, like Swedenborg, he had an ideal world of his own around him.
  • essence of Jojoba
  • vanilla essence
  • Our humbler province is to tend the Fair, / Not a leſs pleaſing, tho’ leſs glorious care ; / To ſave the powder from too rude a gale, / Nor let th’ impriſon’d eſſences exhale […]