What is the difference between Incinerator and Boiler?

The difference between incinerator and boiler

is that "incinerator" is a furnace that burns refuse and "boiler" is a person who boils something.




  • A furnace that burns refuse.

Related terms

  • incinerate
  • incineration


  • A person who boils something.
  • A steam boiler.
  • An apparatus for heating circulating water or other heat transferring liquid.
  • A device consisting of a heat source and a tank for storing hot water, typically for space heating, domestic hot water etc., disregarding the source of heat.
  • A kitchen vessel for steaming, boiling or heating food.
  • A sunken reef, especially a coral reef, on which the sea breaks heavily.
  • (Britain, informal) A tough old chicken only suitable for cooking by boiling.