What is the difference between Kindred and Clan?

The difference between kindred and clan

is that "kindred" is distant and close relatives, collectively; kin. and "clan" is a group of people all descended from a common ancestor, in fact or belief.




  • (often plural only) Distant and close relatives, collectively; kin. (Can we add an example for this sense?)
  • (often plural only) People of the same ethnic descent, not including speaker; brethren.
  • (countable) A grouping of relatives.
  • (uncountable) Blood relationship.
  • (uncountable) Affinity, likeness.
  • (countable, paganism) A household or group following the modern pagan faith of Heathenry or Ásatrú.


  • (people of same ethnic descent): brethren, kinship


  • *Behold he commeth with clouds, and euery eye ſhal ſee him,and they alſo which pearced him: and all kinreds of the earth ſhall waıle becauſe of him: euen ſo. Amen.
  • Cla. By heauen, I thinke there is no man ſecure / But the Queenes Kindred, and night-walking Heralds, […]
  • Synonyms: hearth, garth, stead
  • We talked with Jonina about our kindred, Heathenry in the United States, Asatru in Iceland, and the details of our religious practice. […]
  • Your chosen kindred or other group is a Venn circle that contains you, but it may not be the same circle as your family.
  • Not all, but many people believe that if you’re not in a kindred, then you are not a real Norse Pagan or heathen.


  • Of the same nature, or of similar character.
  • Connected, related, cognate, akin.


  • akin


  • We have said in the Ethics what the difference is between art and science and the other kindred faculties;
  • kindred tongues


  • (anthropology) A group of people all descended from a common ancestor, in fact or belief.
  • A traditional social group of families in the Scottish Highlands having a common hereditary chieftain
  • Any group defined by family ties with some sort of political unity.
  • (video games) A group of players who habitually play on the same team in multiplayer games.
  • A badger colony.


  • As a rule, you see, I’m not lugged into Family Rows. On the occasions when Aunt is calling to Aunt like mastodons bellowing across primeval swamps and Uncle James’s letter about Cousin Mabel’s peculiar behaviour is being shot round the family circle… the clan has a tendency to ignore me.