What is the difference between Missen and Missing?

The difference between missen and missing

is that “missen” is myself and “missing” is present participle of miss.




  • (Yorkshire, colloquial) Myself.


  • present participle of miss


  • Not able to be located; gone, misplaced.
  • Not present when it (they) should be.
  • Of an internal combustion engine: running roughly due to an occasional lack of a spark or other irregular fault.


  • Synonyms: absent, lost
  • my missing socks
  • Forty three killed and 80 wounded in action with the Implacable. 180 killed and miſſing in action with the Centaur.
  • She was so mad she wouldn’t speak to me for quite a spell, but at last I coaxed her into going up to Miss Emmeline’s room and fetching down a tintype of the missing Deacon man.
  • missing data point
  • Joe went missing last year.


  • (statistics) A value that is missing.


  • The treatment of missings is a problem in statistical software.
  • Patterns of missings across the whole data set are readily visible, but also patterns which only apply to small subgroups of cases.