What is the difference between Oversee and Manage?

The difference between oversee and manage

is that "oversee" is to survey, look at something in a wide angle and "manage" is to direct or be in charge of.




  • (literally) To survey, look at something in a wide angle.
  • (figurative) To supervise, guide, review or direct the actions of a person or group.
  • To inspect, examine
  • (obsolete) To fail to see; to overlook, ignore.
  • To observe secretly or unintentionally.


  • Synonym: superintend
  • It is congress’s duty to oversee the spending of federal funds.
  • Gamekeepers oversee a hunting ground to see to the wildlife’s welfare and look for poachers.
  • Thereat the Elfe did blush in priuitee, / And turnd his face away; but she the same / Dissembled faire, and faynd to ouersee.


  • (transitive) To direct or be in charge of.
  • (transitive) To handle or control (a situation, job).
  • (transitive) To handle with skill, wield (a tool, weapon etc.).
  • (intransitive) To succeed at an attempt.
  • (transitive, intransitive) To achieve (something) without fuss, or without outside help.
  • To train (a horse) in the manège; to exercise in graceful or artful action.
  • (obsolete) To treat with care; to husband.
  • (obsolete) To bring about; to contrive.


  • (To handle with skill, wield): bewield

Related terms

  • manege
  • manual
  • manus


  • It was so much his interest to manage his Protestant subjects.
  • The most vnruly, and the boldest boy, / That euer warlike weapons menaged […].
  • He managed to climb the tower.
  • Old Applegate, in the stern, just set and looked at me, and Lord James, amidship, waved both arms and kept hollering for help. I took a couple of everlasting big strokes and managed to grab hold of the skiff’s rail, close to the stern.
  • Congratulations on managing to use the phrase “preponderant criterion" in a chart . Was this the work of a kakorrhaphiophobic journalist set a challenge by his colleagues, or simply an example of glossolalia?
  • It’s a tough job, but I’ll manage.
  • Plastics are energy-rich substances, which is why many of them burn so readily. Any organism that could unlock and use that energy would do well in the Anthropocene. Terrestrial bacteria and fungi which can manage this trick are already familiar to experts in the field.


  • (now rare) The act of managing or controlling something.
  • (horseriding) Manège.


  • the winged God himselfe / Came riding on a Lion rauenous, / Taught to obay the menage of that Elfe […].
  • Young men, in the conduct and manage of actions, embrace more than they can hold.
  • the unlucky manage of this fatal brawl
  • You must draw the horse in his career with his manage, and turn, doing the corvetto and leaping.