What is the difference between Buttocks and Bottom?

The difference between buttocks and bottom is that “buttocks” is each of the two large fleshy halves of the posterior part of the body between the base of the back, the perineum and the top of the legs and “bottom” is the lowest part of anything.

What is the difference between Bandana and Mask?

The difference between bandana and mask is that “bandana” is a large kerchief, usually colourful and used either as headgear or as a handkerchief, neckerchief, bikini, or sweatband and “mask” is a cover, or partial cover, for the face, used for disguise or protection.

What is the difference between Evade and Circumvent?

The difference between evade and circumvent is that “evade” is to get away from by cunning; to avoid by dexterity, subterfuge, address, or ingenuity; to elude; to cleverly escape from and “circumvent” is to avoid or get around something; to bypass.

What is the difference between Dolman and Tee?

The difference between dolman and tee is that “dolman” is a long, loose garment with narrow sleeves and an opening in the front, generally worn by Turks and “tee” is the name of the Latin-script letter T.