What is the difference between Perusal and Consideration?

The difference between perusal and consideration

is that "perusal" is the act of perusing; studying something carefully and "consideration" is the thought process of considering, of taking multiple or specified factors into account.




  • The act of perusing; studying something carefully.

Related terms

  • peruse


  • These were business hours, and a feeling of loneliness crept over him, perhaps germinated by his sight of the illustrated papers, and accentuated by an attempted perusal of them.


  • The thought process of considering, of taking multiple or specified factors into account (with of being the main corresponding adposition).
  • Something considered as a reason or ground for a (possible) decision.
  • The tendency to consider others.
  • A payment or other recompense for something done.
  • (law) A matter of inducement for something promised; something valuable given as recompense for a promise, which causes the promise to become binding as a contract.
  • Importance, claim to notice, regard.

Related terms

  • considered (adjective)
  • consider
  • considerable
  • considerate
  • considerateness
  • inconsideration
  • reconsideration


  • After much consideration, I have decided to stay.
  • Synonyms: deliberation, thought
  • Consideration of environmental effects is needed when choosing material.
  • In consideration of the day and hour of my birth, it was declared by the nurse, and by some sage women in the neighbourhood who had taken a lively interest in me several months before there was any possibility of our becoming personally acquainted, first, that I was destined to be unlucky in life; and secondly, that I was privileged to see ghosts and spirits; both these gifts inevitably attaching, as they believed, to all unlucky infants of either gender, born towards the small hours on a Friday night.
  • Synonyms: factor, motive, reason
  • You showed remarkable consideration in giving up your place for your friend.
  • Will you noisy children show some consideration and stop your infernal screaming? I’m trying to study!
  • Sure I’ll move my car, but only for a consideration.
  • Consideration is an intention to create legal relations.
  • In consideration of the performance of B’s obligations hereunder, A hereby grants to B’s personal license.
  • […] settled down on a small property he had near Quimper to live for the rest of his days in peace; but the failure of an attorney left him suddenly penniless, and neither he nor his wife was willing to live in penury where they had enjoyed consideration.