What is the difference between Phlegmatic and Imperturbable?

The difference between phlegmatic and imperturbable

is that “phlegmatic” is not easily excited to action or passion; calm; sluggish and “imperturbable” is not easily perturbed, upset or excited.




  • Not easily excited to action or passion; calm; sluggish.
  • (archaic) Abounding in phlegm.
  • Generating, causing, or full of phlegm.


  • (calm and reasonable, tending not to get upset): apathetic, sluggish, cold-blooded, unflappable, stoic
  • calm

Coordinate terms

  • choleric
  • melancholic
  • sanguine

Related terms

  • phlegm
  • phlegmatically


  • Calm and phlegmatic, with a clear eye, Mr. Fogg seemed a perfect type of that English composure which Angelica Kauffmann has so skilfully represented on canvas.
  • Their friendship is a fascinating study in cultural and temperamental contrast, an impulsive and witty American paired with a steady, phlegmatic German.
  • phlegmatic humors
  • a phlegmatic constitution
  • cold and phlegmatic bodies


  • One who has a phlegmatic disposition.


  • Not easily perturbed, upset or excited.
  • Calm and collected, even under pressure.