What is the difference between Prefecture and Province?

The difference between prefecture and province

is that "prefecture" is the office or position of a prefect and "province" is a region of the earth or of a continent; a district or country. [from 14th c.].




  • The office or position of a prefect.
  • The jurisdiction of a prefect; the region administered by a prefect, especially as a translation of certain French, Chinese, and Japanese administrative divisions.


  • (Chinese administrative division): jun, fu; chun, foo (obsolete); commandery (some contexts)


  • A region of the earth or of a continent; a district or country. [from 14th c.]
  • An administrative subdivision of certain countries, including Canada and China. [from 14th c.]
  • (Roman history) An area outside Italy which is administered by a Roman governor. [from 14th c.]
  • (Christianity) An area under the jurisdiction of an archbishop, typically comprising a number of adjacent dioceses. [from 14th c.]
  • (Roman Catholicism) An area under the jurisdiction of a provincial within a monastic order.
  • (in the plural, chiefly with definite article) The parts of a country outside its capital city. [from 17th c.]
  • An area of activity, responsibility or knowledge; the proper concern of a particular person or concept. [from 17th c.]


  • (principal subdivision of a state): circuit, tao, dao, route, lu (imperial and early Republican China)

Coordinate terms

  • canton (Swiss); county (British); department (French); oblast (Russian); state (USA, Australian); voivodeship (Poland)
  • shire
  • territory

Related terms

  • provincial


  • We should find, as we do find, some groups of beings greatly, and some only slightly modified […] in the different great geographical provinces of the world.
  • All of Fort McMurray, with the exception of Parson’s Creek, was under a mandatory evacuation order on Tuesday, said Robin Smith, press secretary for the regional municipality of Wood Buffalo in the Canadian province.
  • He reminded his audience of events in 88BC, when the same Mithridates invaded the Roman province of Asia, on the western coast of Turkey.
  • In 1309, neither the Archbishop of Canterbury nor his suffragans would attend in Parliament while the Archbishop of York had the cross borne erect before him in the province of Canterbury.
  • To-day the first part of the new Indian Constitution comes into force with the granting of a large measure of autonomy to the provinces.
  • Just as money is the province of the economy and truth the province of science and scholarship, so love is the province of the family .