What is the difference between Rebuild and Renovation?

The difference between rebuild and renovation

is that “rebuild” is to build again and “renovation” is an act, or the process, of renovating.




  • To build again.


  • reassemble
  • reconstruct
  • remanufacture


  • A process or result of rebuilding.


  • reassembly
  • reconstruction


  • Although the new features of the rebuilds were mainly the application of successful standard principles, the retention of the outside admission cylinders with their necessary high-pressure valve rod glands, of which the Southern lacked previous experience with an engine of this size, caused some unexpected teething troubles.
  • Doc’s spirits lifted at the suggestion that Cochrane was already thinking about painting the finished rebuild.
  • The cost of the rebuild can quickly escalate with significant crankshaft and bearing work, and some folks allow the cost to keep them from doing the work, even when it is warranted.
  • Torque Fasteners — Illustrates a fastener that must be properly tightened with a torque wrench at this point in the rebuild.
  • Lovingly restored and exquisitely maintained, the great frigate is docked at Boston and open to the public. She is still in commission and crewed by members of the U.S. Navy. After a number of rebuilds and modifications, the frigate Constellation is now anchored in Baltimore Harbor as a museum.
  • Approval has been granted for a £545 million rebuild of Paris Gare du Nord, despite fierce opposition. […] Initially rejected in June 2019, the rebuild is intended to meet an expected increase in passenger numbers to 800,000 per day by 2023 and 900,000 by 2024.


  • An act, or the process, of renovating.
  • (theology) Regeneration.

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