What is the difference between Sarpanch and Mukhiya?

The difference between sarpanch and mukhiya

is that "sarpanch" is the elected head of a panchayat in Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan and "mukhiya" is a village chief or leader of a panchayat in parts of India and Nepal. [from 20th c.].




  • The elected head of a panchayat (village government) in Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan.


  • Recourse to arbitration is not an uncommon mode of setting a dispute. Generally the number of arbitrators appointed is three, but sometimes five is the number, and occasionally some one individual is made single arbitrator . If more than one arbitrator be appointed, an umpire is also usually fixed upon, who gives the ultimate decision if the other two cannot agree.]
  • The sarpanches were remunerated by the remission of part of the quota of labour which they were bound to supply.
  • Every gram panchayat has a sarpanch and an up-sarpanch elected from its members by the gram panchayat in the prescribed manner.
  • Except for the fact that some sort of political connection seems to be required in order to win a sarpanch election, there does not appear to exist many requirements, for instance in terms of wealth or education. Sarpanches are, in other words, common men and women. Second, the process through which sarpanches come into office is relatively similar across villages, including in “reserved villages.” Being elected as sarpanch in contemporary rural India is the outcome of an arduous, intense, and surprisingly competitive process in which various candidates seek the support of complex political coalitions.


  • (India) A village chief or leader of a panchayat in parts of India and Nepal. [from 20th c.]


  • I was having dinner with the village elders at the mukhiya’s place when one of the servants announced that I had a visitor.