What is the difference between Scanty and Scarcity?

The difference between scanty and scarcity

is that "scanty" is somewhat less than is needed in amplitude or extent and "scarcity" is the condition of something being scarce or deficient.




  • Somewhat less than is needed in amplitude or extent.
  • Sparing; niggardly; parsimonious; stingy.


  • Present on the table, one scanty pot of tea, one scanty loaf, two scanty pats of butter, two scanty rashers of bacon, two pitiful eggs, and an abundance of handsome china bought a secondhand bargain.
  • Traditions older than paleoarctic, as scanty as the evidence may be, show clearly that colonization of Alberta and even as far north as southern Alaska came from the south.
  • In illustrating a point of difficulty, be not too scanty of words.


  • (uncountable) the condition of something being scarce or deficient
  • (countable) an inadequate amount of something; a shortage


  • (condition of something being scarce): infrequency, rareness, rarity; rareness
  • (inadequate amount of something): dearth, deficiency, lack, infrequency, penury, rareness, rarity, want; lack


  • (condition of something being scarce): frequency, commonness; commonness
  • (inadequate amount of something): abundance, copiousness; excess


  • Praise […] owes its value only to its scarcity.
  • a scarcity of grain