What is the difference between Seeder and Drill?

The difference between seeder and drill

is that “seeder” is a device used to plant seeds; a seed drill and “drill” is to create by removing material with a drill.




  • (agriculture) A device used to plant seeds; a seed drill
  • An implement used to remove the seeds from fruit etc.
  • A person who seeds clouds in order to make it rain
  • (Internet, file sharing) A person connected to a peer-to-peer network who has a complete or partial copy of a given file and makes it available for downloading.
  • (computing) A process that seeds a random number generator.


  • (peer-to-peer): leecher, leech


  • (transitive) To create (a hole) by removing material with a drill (tool).
  • (intransitive) To practice, especially in (or as in) a military context.
  • (ergative) To cause to drill (practice); to train in military arts.
  • (transitive) To repeat an idea frequently in order to encourage someone to remember it.
  • (intransitive) To investigate or examine something in more detail or at a different level
  • (transitive) To hit or kick with a lot of power.
  • (baseball) To hit someone with a pitch, especially in an intentional context.


  • Synonyms: excavate, bore, gouge; make a hole
  • Drill a small hole to start the screw in the right direction.
  • They drilled daily to learn the routine exactly.
  • On his return the team that faced Hull City had been reconfigured. Moses wasn’t overly drilled, just told he would be playing right wing-back, that Conte had seen enough to know.
  • The sergeant was up by 6:00 every morning, drilling his troops.
  • He [Frederic the Great] drilled his people, as he drilled his grenadiers.
  • The instructor drilled into us the importance of reading the instructions.
  • Drill deeper and you may find the underlying assumptions faulty.
  • He did get their attention when he drilled the ball dead center into the hole for an opening birdie.
  • Without compromising he drilled the ball home, leaving Dynamos’ ill-fated keeper diving for fresh air.
  • Bolton were then just inches from taking the lead, but the dangerous-looking Taylor drilled just wide after picking up a loose ball following Jose Bosingwa’s poor attempted clearance.
  • Synonyms: plow, poke, root, shaft; copulate with
  • Everytime when I **** your daughter. Your beautiful faces expressing how it hurts. Always while I drill her c*nt. I want to see you dead.


  • A tool used to remove material so as to create a hole, typically by plunging a rotating cutting bit into a stationary workpiece.
  • The portion of a drilling tool that drives the bit.
  • An activity done as an exercise or practice (especially a military exercise), particularly in preparation for some possible future event or occurrence.
  • Any of several molluscs, of the genus Urosalpinx, especially the oyster drill (Urosalpinx cinerea), that drill holes in the shells of other animals.
  • (uncountable, music) A style of trap music with gritty, violent lyrics, originating on the South Side of Chicago.
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  • Wear safety glasses when operating an electric drill.
  • Use a drill with a wire brush to remove any rust or buildup.
  • “[…] if you call my duds a ‘livery’ again there’ll be trouble. It’s bad enough to go around togged out like a life saver on a drill day, but I can stand that ’cause I’m paid for it. What I won’t stand is to have them togs called a livery. […]"
  • Regular fire drills can ensure that everyone knows how to exit safely in an emergency.
  • Springs through the pleasant meadows pour their drills.