What is the difference between Singer and Songer?

The difference between singer and songer

is that “singer” is a person who sings, often professionally and “songer” is a singer ; a songster.




  • A person who sings, often professionally.
  • (square dance) dance figure with a fixed structure, sung by a caller, or a piece of music with that structure.

Related terms

  • mastersinger
  • meistersinger
  • songster
  • songstress


  • (rare, nonstandard, sometimes humorous) A singer (of songs); a songster.


  • If a man who plays at ping pong is a “ponger,” Then a singer of a “singsong” is a “songer”; If the “songer” is a singer. Then the “ponger” is a “pinger,” And the man who says it’s wrong must be a “wronger.”
  • Will he sing it, I wonder?” “Chantoozie, I ain’t much of a songer any more. I just done that because I was told it was a colorful trait.
  • No sound of songers chirping or jumbies, foraging for nuts.