What is the difference between Strophic and Unitary?

The difference between strophic and unitary

is that “strophic” is using or containing strophes and “unitary” is having the quality of oneness.




  • (prosody) Using or containing strophes.
  • (music) Of a song, composed so that every stanza is set to the same music.


  • (having each stanza set to the same music): through-composed


  • Having the quality of oneness.
  • (government, of a system of government or administration) That concentrates power in a single body, rather than sharing it with more local bodies.
  • (mathematics, of an algebra) That contains an identity element.
  • (mathematics, linear algebra, mathematical analysis, of a matrix or operator) Whose inverse is equal to its adjoint.


  • (that contains an identity element): unital


  • (that concentrates power in a single body): federalist

Related terms

  • unitariness
  • unitarily
  • unitarity


  • If yes–no questions are CPs containing a null yes–no question operator in spec-CP, we can arrive at a unitary characterisation of questions as CPs with an interrogative specifier.
  • a unitary authority
  • a unitary state
  • The eigenvectors of an orthogonal or unitary operator, corresponding to different eigenvalues, are orthogonal.
  • In essence we are looking for some way to average the individual unitary matrices Uk. But a linear combination of unitary matrices does not remain unitary.
  • We then repeat the same procedure to the × block unitary matrix using two-level unitary matrices.


  • (Britain) A unitary council.
  • (mathematics) A unitary matrix or operator.


  • Outside the metropolitan areas most councils are now elected en bloc every four years.
  • Since ergodicity and mixing are expressible in terms of the induced Koopman unitaries they are not additional invariants.
  • Can unitaries in a unital C*-algebra with real rank zero be approximated by unitaries with finite spectrum?