What is the difference between Tilting and Panning?

The difference between tilting and panning

is that "tilting" is present participle of tilt and "panning" is the act of one who pans, as for gold.




  • present participle of tilt


  • The motion of something that tilts; a tilt.
  • The process by which blister steel is rendered ductile by being forged with a tilt hammer.
  • A charging with a lance, as in jousting.


  • (mathematics) Having the property that it is the quotient of a projective module by a projective submodule, having an ext functor with itself of 0, and there being a right module as the kernel of a surjective morphism between finite direct sums of its direct summands.


  • The act of one who pans, as for gold.
  • Material that has been panned.
  • (audio) The act by which a sound is panned.
  • (informal) Thorough criticism.


  • A trace of metazeunerite was identified in pannings from the dump of the upper of the two adits.
  • The new console supports pannings and fades.
  • The director’s films had received pannings from critics.


  • present participle of pan